Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We Don't Need No Diaper Bag (Forgive My Poor Grammar, It's All Because of Alice Cooper)

I'm not really a bag girl, I'm a shove-everything-in-my-back-pocket-girl.  I'm just not very fond of lugging a purse.   I'm even less fond of toting around a bag covered in cartoon characters in the name of diapers.  When I got pregnant, rather than spending several hundred dollars to get a diaper bag I could actually enjoy hauling, I came up with the anti-diaper bag.

I simply took  a toiletry organizer my sister was throwing out & went to town filling it with the essentials.   It holds extra food, pacis, diapers, crayons, handi-wipes, napkins, all of the essentials.  If you don't have a toiletry organizer you could use Ziplocs, the bags that wrap onesies & blankets (save these, they're great for organizing), or any other small zippered bag.  Look at whatever you have on hand.

The best part is that it ties up neatly & can easily be removed for date night.  Additionally, once you're past the diaper bag phase of life you'll still have a purse you can use, rather than something that screams, "I've held spit up rags & poop filled diapers!"  Definitely a green, fashionable, frugal solution. 

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  1. be careful with those crayons mama! :D I know today in No CO it was 100F - you don't want meltiness in your purse :) I solved this problem for us either last year or the year before by snagging some freebie golf-pencil-sized colored pencils and a freebie sharpener (with wood-shred-catching-bottom) and we keep that and scrap paper in our 'backpack.' (mine from college) I was so frugal for a while that I didn't even have cute little reusable bags like you; so I used and abused - to their graves - two or three gallon sized ziplocs - until I came upon a company called Itzy Ritzy. I got two of their bigger bags and one small snack sized one and we keep those in our back pack now, as to leave those poor intended-for-single-use ziplocs alone LOL love reading your blog - we do a lot of things the same, but you ALWAYS give me something to think about! :D