Saturday, July 23, 2011

Possum Living

Tonight I was perusing around Savvy Housekeeping & found a linkabout a woman named Dolly Freed.  In the seventies, at the ripe age of 17, Freed published a book about living self sufficently called Possum Living:  How to Live Well Without a Job & Very Little Money.   

Freed's whole philosophy revolved around raising your own food & not spending money, rather than working & living in debt.  Freed lived without a job, yet didn't need welfare or handouts; rather, she worked at growing/forraging/hunting  her own.  It's actually a rather beautiful way of life, & is quite similar to the way our grandparents & great grandparents probably lived.  I found the documentary to be extremely inspiring & I can't wait to buy the book (when I have enough Swagbucks saved...haha).  

Possum Living Documentary Part 1

Possum Living Part 2

Possum Living Part 3

For those interested, writer Paige Williams tracked Dolly Freed down last year & interviewed her.  Sounds like she is still an amazing & inspiring woman.  I can't wait to eventually get that book!  :)

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