Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Straining Homemade Yogurt

Since I began making homemade yogurt I have been making it with whole milk.  E eats it daily for breakfast & she can handle the fat content, so I saw no need to switch.  That was until I began looking at the $0.50 price difference between whole & 2 %.  I know it's not much, but seeing as we go through a lot of milk in the month I figured this was a good way to save a dollar monthly.  (Every little bit counts right?)

The yogurt turned out  well, E liked it, & I was pleased to have saved a little money.  The only difference was there was more whey.  I kept trying to pour it off, but the yogurt tended to slide off with it.  So, seeing as how I don't have any idea where to buy cheese cloth, I had to improvise.

I draped a flour sack tea cloth over a measuring cup & let the whey drain out.

Once that had drained sufficiently I lifted my little yogurt sack to allow even more whey to drain.  I also ever so gently gave it a squeezed to aid the draining process.  Side note:  I wasn't going for really thick yogurt, but if you were, put the cloth inside a strainer, inside a bowl, & let it drain overnight.  In the morning you should have Greek style yogurt. 

One unfortunate side effect from the method is the yogurt tends to stick to the cloth; however, if you use a spatula to scrape the towel you can remove most of the remnants.  It's impossible to get all of the yogurt, but this gets you pretty darn close.

 From there I funneled the yogurt into an old milk bottle.  I once worked at a market where yogurt was sold this was & it has always stuck with me.  I quite enjoy the yogurt being stored in glass & find pouring the yogurt to be much quicker than spooning it out of a tub.

In the end, I'm guessing that I really didn't save any money if you factor cost/hour.  I'm not sure I'll be using 2% again, but if you ever find yourself in this situation I wanted to show you a remedy.

If you eat a lot of yogurt & haven't tried making your own, give it a whirl.  It's easy, delicious, & quite a satisfying experience.

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