Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashionista Friday

Happy Friday to you!  This week I'll be showing you a few of my cheapy cheap fashions.  Pardon the horrid photos,we don't have a full length mirror and I will not be purchasing one as it makes me think ill of my thighs.  Please don't turn me in the What Not to Wear.  This is what works for me.  <3


Wrap:  TJ Maxx clearance for our honeymoon
Tank:  Old Navy clearance
Skirt:  Banana Republic Outlet (gift).  Side note--I adore these BoHo skirts.  They're HUGE, which probably doesn't speak highly of my fashion sense, but they are fabulously comfortable and are great while preggo, post preggo, or after Thanksgiving.  Love, love, love, the big BoHo hippy skirts.

Green Turquoise Silver Earrings--Gift from my husband when he was still my brand new boyfriend.  God love him, he knew the way to my heart even back then. 

Shoes:  Kenneth Cole--TJ Maxx clearance 4 years ago

Scarf:  Target approximately 5 years ago.  Another side note--scarves are AMAZING!  They fit with every size and shape, and make every outfit special.  I HIGHLY recommend adding some to your wardrobe if you feel like you're in a rut.  It's way cheaper than buying new clothes.

Shirt:  Anne Taylor (gift)
Jeans:  Mossimo hand-me-up from my sister
Prescription Glasses:  Zenni Optical $9.95

 Shoes:  Kenneth Cole--TJ Maxx clearance

 Sterling Silver Green Amber Ring:  TJ Maxx (gift)  Don't you just love the Calla Lily?

 Green Amber Sterling Silver Earrings:  Boma $9.95

Antique Locket--Gift from my handsome husband.  He had them engrave our initials.  Love him.  Just love him.

And a Doodle Bug picture.  Just wouldn't be the same without her. 

Old Navy Sunsuit:  Thrift store--A splurge at $3
Bow--Gift from Grandma

Also, Ashley at Domestic Fashionista featured my little lovey on HER Fashionista Friday.  So exciting.  You can click on the link HERE

Have a happy weekend!  Don't forget to fall back!

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