Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Stock Up!

Behold a year's worth of vegetables!  It's that time of year again when canned veggies are on sale for amazing prices.   Last year, I regretfully missed my opportunity to stock up; however, this year, we took advantage.  These 96 cans of veggies came from Target.  After coupons, we paid $0.42 a can, which is cheaper than Aldi prices.

We also stopped by Toys R Us, as they had Gerber baby food on sale 10 for $10, and we need some for holiday travel.  The sale also included organic baby food, so I was thrilled.  After coupons, we paid $0.75/ two pack.  That's cheaper than Target has non organic Gerber baby food.  Woo Hoo!

We also got Little E's first baby doll, made by Under the Nile.  I love their products & they're eco-friendly and made out of organic cotton, so I'm excited for E to have this as her baby!  The best part is it was on clearance for $7.98!  Can't beat that! I love exclamation points!!  haha

After Toys R Us, we stopped by Kohl's to spend our $10 off Kohl's coupon (they just randomly started sending us these in the mail) and got this book of Christmas stories for Emerson.  This is a pretty great lil' treasury and is chock full of 320 pages of Christmas goodness, as well as a 20 track CD of Christmas Carols. (We read a Christmas Carol tonight to Emerson, and it is surprisingly good for a watered down version.  I taught CC last year, so I was pleased to start E early!)   HOWEVER, the best part was what we paid...NOTHING!  The book was marked $12.99, and when we went to check out there was a surprise 20% discount.  After our coupon, we didn't even have to pay tax.  Gotta love that!
I also used my Eversave voucher that I bought last week to by this lil lovely for E.  They're made from BPA free recycled milk jugs in California!  After using the voucher I bought at Eversave for $5, and the 20% off discount code; I only paid $2.20 for this whole set to be shipped & gift wrapped, and it retails for $39! 

All and all it was a great day for deals.  I couldn't be more pleased with our purchases!

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