Monday, November 22, 2010

Funky Funk Funk

Not my favorite genre. The mood I'm in.  Tomorrow we jet off to visit our families and celebrate Thanksgiving.  While I am incredibly thankful for the year that we have been blessed with, I am allowing myself this evening to feel pure melancholy.  Tomorrow will be the last day that my lil' lovey, Pippin will be with us.  He just hasn't adjusted very well to Little E & is somewhat stressed out by her presence.  I came to the heart breaking conclusion that he would be better suited living my with parents.  Tomorrow we begin our journey home.  I love my lil Pippi Kangaroo and feel in a way that I'm experiencing the end of an era.  I got Pippin shortly after J.C. & I began dating, and a few weeks in to my student teaching.  So much has changed in that time and I'm just sorry that poor lil' Pip couldn't adjust.  I sure do love him, and my heart sure is breaking.

Tomorrow I'll return to my usual cheerful, thankful self, but for tonight, I'm going to allow myself to be sad.


  1. this is sad :( i hope he will be ok without his mama & papa

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you are going to part with Pippin! We had to part with our dog when we moved out to PA and I understand that can be heartbreaking. She now lives with my in-laws and has a nice big backyard. We still get to see her and she is much happier.