Thursday, November 18, 2010

Draft Dodger

In an effort to prepare for winter I made a draft dodger.  It was quite easy, and if I were a better seamstress, I'm sure it would be extremely easy.

I took fabric that I used as curtain in college.  It was bleached by the sun, so I figured it would be perfect for the job.


1.  Measure door frame.
2.  Cut fabric to proper length and width. 

3.  Turn fabric inside out (like sewing a pillow), fold in half, and pin the perimeter. 4.  Sew around the perimeter leaving an opening to fill.  I had planned on leaving one of the ends open, but due to being such an awful seamstress I accidentally made a hole on the long seam.  I DO NOT recommend this as it is a total pain to fill. 

5.  Turn fabric right side out and fill with your select materials.  I have heard of multiple things being used here:  sand, rice, beans, pillow fill.  I kind of had a hard time wasting food for this, but I found a pound of lentils that I have had for around 4 years.  Gross.  I did have to use some rice, but we're trying to move away from white rice anyway, so I didn't mind using it.  

6.  Once your dodger is filled, close the hole.

Finished product!

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