Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Benefit of Being An Informed Consumer Part II

I truthfully hadn't intended for this to be a two parter, but sometimes life just hands you opportunities...

See that beautiful specimen above?  That's my phone.  It's a two year old LG EnV 2...aren't you all envious?  See all the chips & dings on the side?  That's the handiwork of my little lovey Emerson who has adopted this phone as her own.  See why I can never ever get a new phone??

Truth is I'm perfectly happy with this ol' jelopy.   I've never been an early adopter of technology & find myself to be a rather low tech gal.  I've never had the internet on a phone & personally can't see any reason why I'll need it in the future.  So imagine my surprise when my husband called me & told me that my phone bill this month was over $25 due to internet downloads.  Say what?!

I promptly called Verizon to ask how this was possible & what exactly was on my phone.  Apparently I somehow got signed up for some email browser & some other loveliness.  But here's the kicker, the one was a monthly subscription!  Had we not looked at our itemized phone bill I would have been charged every month until god knows when!  Fortunately the Verizon guy was really sweet & removed all the charges, walked me through how to remove the apps, and blocked my phone from ever being able to access any such nonsense again. 

So please, take the time to look at your bills before you pay them.  You never know what you might be incorrectly charged & I'm sure you'll save yourself a whole lot of money. 


  1. this same thing happened to me because unbeknownst to me, collin was playing games on my phone haha. i bet emerson did it on accident. i got out of my charges as well. win!

  2. this happened to my husband, too! He tried to download a ringtone (he's a music nut, so the temptation was great) ... next we know, there's a monthly $19.95 charge on our bill! Ack! A call to T-mobile and all was set right. But you really do have to keep an eye on those things.