Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plastic: To Use or Not To Use...

We live in a society where nearly everything we own is made of plastic.  Medical supplies, food containers, toys, phones, computers, practically everything.  Truthfully I had never really considered  plastic until I was pregnant and noticed EVERYTHING baby was labeled BPA free.  I read up on BPA & totally agreed it should be removed from products.  After that research I've always made a point to buy Little Emerson BPA free products & have slowly transitioned away from plastic food storage & drinking cups.

But after reading this highly informative article by NPR with excepts from the book Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, I began to get seriously wigged out.  The idea of the plastic from an IV bag leaching into my system with unknown effects is just flat out disturbing . Or the thought of infertility from plastic usage is enough to make me want to move away from plastic entirely; especially after learning one of the most harmful types is used to hold bottled water & pop.  

I truly encourage you to read that article and take a look at your plastic usage & if it can be changed.  Just think about all of the things we've learned about lead...

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