Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doing It Cheap: On The Go Cloth Diapering

I'm cheap.  I own it and I wear it proudly.  I think that word gets a bad wrap, truly I think being cheap is just a way of trying to make do with what you have.  I try to use cloth diapers & wipes as much as possible & here's how a gal can CD on the go with what you have already. Can't get any cheaper than that...
 In our diaper bag I always carry an extra cloth diaper, a wet bag, and some cloth wipes.

*The wet bag actually came with a Huggies Pure & Natural sample.  I'm relatively certain it wasn't intended as a wet bag, as it came with disposable diapers, but it works beautifully.  When we have a used diaper or wipe, I just throw it in there & seal it up.  When we get home, I dump the contents in the diaper pail & thoroughly Lysol the wet bag.  Easy peasy.  If I you don't have a handy lil wet bag like this, but don't want to spend the money on buying one you could reuse a ziploc, a grocery bag, or a bag from your newspaper.

*The cloth wipes are kept in a wipes container my gram found for us at the dollar store.  You don't need to spend more than a dollar if you're looking for function.  Mine happens to have a lovely picture of Piglet on the outside, but you really just want something that will seal & keep the wipes damp.  I would assume a reused butter tub or any other small sealable tupperware type container could serve the same purpose.

On road trips I find it difficult to cloth diaper while driving, but I still bring along my cloth wipes & my wet bag in the car.  You can still use the cloth wipes even if you can't use the cloth diapers.  Save a little green wherever you can right?

Remember, cloth diapering is GREAT for the environment & FABULOUS for your wallet and you don't have to have a ton of money to do it.  If a cheapy like me can do it, I'm certain you can too.

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