Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Belated Earth Day To You

Yesterday was one of my very favorite holidays.  I look forward to Earth Day all year long.  I always use it as a time to try to reflect upon my actions, how they impact the Earth, and to set goals for the next year.

This upcoming year I hope to:
  • Attempt to use/make more natural toiletries
  • Support local farmers & utilize our farmers market
  • Look into reusable feminine products (eek!)
  • Plant at least one tree to replace the one that fell on our house
  • Try to pre-cycle & use products that are in less packaging to bring less waste into our home
  • Attempt to grow & preserve as much of our own food as possible
  • Use only green/natural cleaning products in our home
  • Continue to purchase 100% post consumer content recycled toilet paper
 Even if you are not big into the green living moment, consider making one small change this year.  It will make an impact on our Earth, and every little bit counts.

Also if you live near a Lowes go & get your free tree today!  They're giving away a million! 

Have a blessed & wonderful Easter.

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