Thursday, August 25, 2011

Greening My Cleaning: Easy Microwave Cleaning

I grew up working in a small midwest town that had an old school pharmacy with a soda fountain.  One of the many tricks I learning while working in the soda fountain was a simple way to clean a disgusting microwave. 

I recently needed to utilize this little trick when I accidentally over microwaved some baked beans.  Pretty huh?

Simply take a damp soapy wash cloth & place it in the microwave.  Set the microwave for 2 minutes.  Once the nasty particles are loosened from the steam, simply wipe down the walls.  In my experience no extra effort is needed beyond wiping, but if you happen to have something really difficult to remove, re-wet the wash cloth, repeat the 2 minutes, & try again.  

In just a few minutes I had a beautifully clean microwave, all without any chemicals!  Piece of cake, & nary a baked bean to be found. 


  1. add some lemon in a bowl of water and it smells great too!

  2. Great tip - will definitely be trying this! Thank you