Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hangin' In the Moonlight

It is obscenely hot here.  Today it was 111 degrees & tomorrow it is supposed to be 113, with humidity.  I know some people can handle this degree of heat, but I, my friend, am not one of them.  Anything over 105 feels like an oven to me.  That being said, I have been really frustrated that the heat is disrupting my life, particularly my laundry schedule.

I've been letting the laundry pile up & have been getting more frustrated by the day; but today my sister suggested I hang the clothes over night, so I took her advice.  I know it's rather unconventional & you might be asking yourself why I don't just break down & use the dryer, but I just can't bring myself to increase our carbon footprint.  It's times like this, when our air is running 24/7 & the house is still 84 degree inside, that I feel I need to do everything in my power to cut back elsewhere.  Call me a tree hugger, I'll own it proudly. 

Truth be told, it felt rather miraculous to get outside.  Even though it was still in the high 90s at 8:30, it felt so good to feel the breeze on my face.  I realize that hanging wash overnight depends on the forecast & limits me to one load of laundry a day, but I feel it's well worth it if I get outside & I can still hang laundry. 

I wonder if my neighbors think I'm nutty...

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  1. I haven't used my dryer in over 4 years... not once! I have central air and I can afford to use that and the dryer both but I prefer not to, even with the heat wave as of late. Hang (haha) in there! And good for you!! :)